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3 Tips for Motivating Yourself to Go to the Gym

Getting motivating to go to gym

With summer just a few months away now is the best time to get working at the gym toward that beach body you always dream of. No matter how badly you want to be comfortable in your bathing suit or lose the holiday weight, the motivation to get in shape is a hard thing to round up. Motivation is critical when it comes to accomplishing fitness goals and feeling comfortable in your skin. We’ve come up with three motivation boosters to get you on track and in shape before the pool opens in May.

3 Tips for Motivating Yourself to Hit the Gym and Get Healthy

Join a Gym

Some people feel intimidated by the gym while others don’t feel comfortable going at all. The fact of the matter is those excuses are holding you back from getting in shape and doing the opposite of motivating you to go workout. The gym has the most resources and tools available for you to establish workout routines, fitness plans, and learn new ways to exercise with equipment.

Many people struggle with motivating themselves at home. In theory, it makes sense that you can go on a run, then do some kinesthetics, followed by an abdominal routine, and it won’t be any trouble. Where this fails most people is that working out at home opens the door for endless distractions and excuses. Whether laundry needs to get done or the house needs to be vacuumed, excuses are everywhere in the home, preventing you from being motivated and proactive about exercising.

Most gyms offer a one-week trial to let you check them out and see what they have to offer. Take advantage of the equipment you don’t own and join a gym to maintain focus and routine as a way to get you motivated.

Set Realistic Goals

When it comes to exercise, it’s vital that you know what it is you’re working towards. It’s one thing to have an image of a supermodel in your head and think that you want to look like that, but the reality is that you’re not focusing on an attainable goal.

Establish three fitness goals that you believe will improve your lifestyle and self-image, then write them down and set a deadline. Things like, “Be able to run a mile without stopping,” or “Lose five pounds in two weeks,” are realistic fitness goals that will motivate you to work towards them, because they’re fully attainable.

Write down your fitness goals and put them in a place that you’ll be reminded of them every day. Track your progress and keep a journal of what you are doing for fitness, and the changes you’re noticing in your quality of life.

Bring a Friend

Lacking motivation to workout is not uncommon. One of our favorite ways to get motivated and stay motivated is by working out with a partner. Enlisting the help of a buddy allows you to have an accountability partner that can serve as your dose of motivation on days when you aren’t feeling it. You then become the accountability partner to your friend, and the two of you can motivate each other to get to the gym and recognize results.

Another reason to work out with a friend is so that you don’t have to tackle your goals alone. Fitness goals and healthy lifestyle routines don’t come naturally to most people, and fear of the gym and the judgments associated with it often prevents people from taking their next step in getting fit. Working out with a buddy gives you the extra push and reassurance you need to stay motivated and work towards your fitness goals.

Get started now to make the most out of your summer body and ensure that you’re feeling comfortable in your skin all summer long.

Special thanks to Colorado-based ASF Payment Solutions and their team for sharing these tips. Now that you’ve finished reading – go hit the gym!