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5 Interesting Facts about Parker, Colorado

5 Interesting Facts about Parker, Colorado

Even though the city of Parker, Colorado got its name in 1882, the area itself has a legacy dating back thousands of years. Records show that native American peoples were settling in the Parker area as early as 6,500 B.C.!

To help you better understand the rich history and even richer modern-day status of Parker, we’re offering up these five facts you probably didn’t know about Parker, Colorado.

Fact #1: On Main Street in Parker, there is a 110+ year-old building that used to serve as a multi-purpose utility provider.

That’s right—the Rhode Island Hotel, first made popular in 1908, was a hotel, a livery stable, a telephone company, and a telegraph service provider. The remnants of this hotel are now part of what is called the ‘20 Mile Center’ in Parker. If you use your imagination, you can envision busy people coming and going from the building, perhaps with telegraph readouts in their hands!

Fact #2: Parker has over 200 acres of developed parkland and over 900 acres of open space.

That’s a lot of room to get out and enjoy beautiful Colorado! In addition to these fun public places, there’s over 27 miles of paved trails contained in Parker, giving you plenty of opportunity to get out for a bike ride on a warm summer afternoon.

Fact #3: The Colorado School of Dance is headquartered in Parker, Colorado.

Feel like moving your bones a little bit? Head over to the Colorado School of Dance, which has established its base of operations right in Parker, Colorado. For more performing arts greatness, you can head over to the Parker Arts Culture and Events Center (PACE) for exciting shows and unique expositions.

Fact #4: Billionaire and media magnate John C. Malone is from Parker, Colorado.

John was the Chief Executive Officer of Tele-Communications Inc., also known as TCI, for more than twenty years from 1973 to 1996. The distinguished businessman was a known philanthropist and contributed heavily to multiple projects in and around the Parker area.

Fact #5: The climate in Parker, Colorado is designated as “Tropical and Subtropical Steppe Climate”, by the Koppen Climate Classification.

Perhaps this is why so many people love to live, work, and play in Parker, Colorado. Or, maybe it’s the proximity to the mountains, where you can ski or snowboard your cares away.

What are your reasons for loving Parker, Colorado? Tell us!