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5 People You Should Who Call After Your Home is Flooded

5 People You Should Who Call After Your Home is Flooded

If there’s water coming into your home, you have a problem. Flooding can happen anywhere in the U.S. but if you know who to call, this disaster won’t be too tough to handle. Let’s learn about the five services or people you should be calling when your home is flooded thanks to ServPro.

Who to Call After Your Home is Flooded

First Responders

You probably don’t have to call first responders like firefighters or EMTS for a couple of inches in water in your basement but if a flood is putting you or your home in danger, you need to connect with 911 immediately. Don’t try to save furniture, don’t try to be a hero, if you’re facing rising waters get to a safe, elevated location and wait for first responders to help.

Utility Workers

Once the danger of the flood has passed, you may need to call city workers or your local utility company. Flood can affect power, and other electrical items that could make your home risky after waters have receded. Never go into a flooded home with live power or you could risk electrocution.

Your Insurance Company

Now that the primary dangers have been dealt with you can reach out to your insurance company. You will need to file a claim, have your home inspected by a field agent, and devise a plan. At this time you can ask your insurance company if they have any recommendations for mold remediators or disaster restoration companies.

Mold Mitigation/Disaster Restoration Team

To take care of the mess, you need a disaster restoration team and mold mitigation experts. Many disaster restoration teams offer mold remediation as part of their services. This portion consists of cleanup, eliminating any mold present, and encapsulating any mold that can’t be removed. This process brings your home back from disaster and helps make it livable again.

Follow-Up Inspection

After the mold mitigation crew and disaster restoration team have taken care of business you should always get a post inspection. A third-party tester uses specialized equipment and methods to insure mold has been eliminated or mitigated and your home is again safe for you and your family.

Dealing with flooding is a major headache to homeowners but you can make the situation easier by knowing whom to call. Start with the initial danger of the flood before contacting your insurance company and filing a claim. Once the claim is in place you can hire mold and cleanup experts to make it seem like the flood never happened. Now you’re free to enjoy your home again exactly how it was before the waters came – or even better than before.