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Why Tech Companies Love Denver

Colorado flag and Colorado proud

There’s a lot to love about Denver – Colorado’s capital and the ‘Mile High’ city, named that because of its elevation being 5,280 feet above sea level that helps Parker, too. There’s great weather there, along with a bustling city life, so it’s no surprise that Denver has become a target for many companies interested in opening another location. In some cases, companies are relocating to Denver and establishing their headquarters there!

Why all the corporate love for Denver? And, why is the tech sector in specific so interested in having a physical presence in Denver? Here are a few reasons why tech companies continue to eye Denver as a prime location to do business.


Denver’s location in the United States is unique because it’s the largest city separating the west from the east. If you draw a line from New York to Los Angeles, and you try to find a large, industrially capable city somewhere along the halfway point, you’re going to find that Denver is the best option available to you. For tech companies, Denver is viewed as a geographical bridge between other areas of operation.


The Denver and Parker populace is very well-educated in comparison with other parts of the country. The city touts one of the highest concentrations of college-educated workers, giving tech companies yet another reason to look to Denver for fresh talent. Also, the job market in Denver is very dynamic, with multiple different trades and specializations represented throughout the metropolitan area.


Denver has a thriving arts and entertainment culture, and there’s never a shortage of fun things to see and do, no matter the time of year. For fans of winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, Denver offers great access to the Rocky Mountains, where world-class snowsports opportunities about. Because of how well-developed the Denver culture is, tech companies know that they’ll be able to achieve a better work/life balance for their employees.

For those tech workers who like craft beer or cannabis, Denver couldn’t be a better fit. These two recreational indulgences are pretty much sewn into the vibe of Denver and Colorado as a whole. What’s not to love about that?

There’s a long list of the things that make Denver great and that helps businesses and the community in Parker grow, too. Regardless what industry a company is in or how large it is, there is probably a good case to be made for why they should be doing business in the Mile High city!